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If you own a restaurant  in Hong Kong and you need to hire a great food photographer, do not hesitate to write an email at

You can also contact me by phone on +852-9525-8696

Check out my portfolio below of food photography in Hong Kong.

What makes Gaz Jones an unique HK food photographer?

Hong Kong is a city with a rich foodie culture. The competition in the food industry is high.
We eat first with our eyes, so it's important for a restaurant to have professional photos of their food in order compete.

As a food photographer, I must be able to catch the eye of potential consumers.
With all my professional experience working in Asia I will deliver photos that look so good that you will have a mouth-watering feeling for your own dishes.

- Coverage
I am available for shootings all around Hong Kong. I can go to your restaurant anywhere in the city.

- Fast delivery
You will have your pictures retouched, edited and delivered within 5 working days.

- Pricing
Transparent prices to suit all business budgets - no hidden costs

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Food photography in HK - FAQ:

Most restaurants and other clients ask me the same questions again and again, so I decided to answer some of them here:

Do you take pictures only for food menu or also for websites, social media and other marketing resources?
I take professional food photos for any type of advertising: menu, website, etc. It’s up to you. When you will contact me, kindly let me know your goal.

Can you shoot at my restaurant or do I need to go to your studio?
I can do both. If you prefer that I go to your place; that's not a problem: the results will be as good as in the studio. If you decide to make the photoshooting in your restaurant, please be aware that a dedicated space of 5*5m is needed, also the number of employees around should be as low as possible.

Who needs to be present at the shooting?
I will need someone that can make decisions on the way the dishes are shown, the way the pictures are taken and also it needs to be someone that can approve the images that I will take. The chef also needs to be present at the moment of the shooting, he will prepare the food. Please note, the best would be that there is no client at the time of the session, so that the chef is fully available for the pictures.

How long does the entire photo shooting take?
This will depend on the complexity of the pictures that you want. For example, if you only need white background pictures then it will take less time. Also it varies depending on the number of dishes to shoot. Overall, you should count a couple of hours, but I will tell you more precisely once I know your requirements.

How is the process?
First, you need to contact me at or by phone on +852 9525 8696. I need to dig out what exact type of food photography you have in mind. After agreeing with the style and all your requirements, we can book a photo session. Then is the produccion, I will make sure all the images are of perfect quality, best colors, lighting, contrast, etc. The final pictures will be delivery by email.

Do you deliver only digital files or printings also?
I only deliver digital files. All the files will be in the highest quality, meaning you can use them for website, menu, social media, etc. I can advise you some printing tips and companies in HK under request.

  • Pink and Purple Macarons
  • Quail Eggs
  • Fried Quail Eggs
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  • 27-02-2019-6470-garyjones
  • 27-02-2019-6519-garyjones-Edit
  • HIGM 27 Feb 20190270
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