Lifestyle Photographer | Hong Kong

Gaz Jones is a lifestyle photographer with years of experience working with advertising agencies and brands, capturing that magical moment in a photo.

You can book your lifestyle photography session either in Gary's studio or on location. Post production services are also taken care of, from high end retouching to matching colors. 

Do not hesitate to write an email at You can also contact Gary by phone on +852-9525-8696.

What is lifestyle photography? Why to hire Gaz Jones?

Lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture people in situations and real-life events in an artistic manner. The primary goal is either to tell stories about people's lives or to advertise products or services. Lighting plays a huge factor in lifestyle photography.

Gary has more than 10 years professional photography experience with lifestyle photography in Hong Kong. His photo sessions focus on people engaged in their daily life, like working, meeting with friends, having a walk or just being at home with their family.

For lifestyle photos most of the time you do not need to pose, been unaware of the camera will make the pictures more realistic. Gary will focus on creating beautiful images with a natural light.

Gary also does lifestyle photography for advertising products and services, which will give your brand an original style.

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